Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve noticed that my Smartbar sometimes disappears. Why does this happen?

You can use the Smartbar on practically any platform – mobile, desktop pc, laptops and tablets – and it also works with all of the popular social networks. The Linkury team is constantly at work to keep the Smartbar completely up to date and fully operationally, so bugs and other issues are rare, but they may occur.

I heard I can use the Smartbar to post links, comments and updates to all my social networks with one click? Is this true? How can I do this?

Yes, this is true. Smartbar has a special share box for easy, fast sharing on any one or combination of social networks. You can highlight text or simply point at a picture or video, and then click on the social network icon or icons of choice. When you want to share on more than one network, you’ll need to choose on the multi-share option.

I’m very protective of my privacy. Does Linkury pass on my personal details?

Linkury is very protective of your personal details, too. The company never sells or passes on user login or personal data. Nor does it pass on usage information.

How much does it cost to use the Smartbar?

Using the Linkury Smartbar doesn’t cost anything. In addition, there are no hidden fees or charges for downloading or updating the software.

What does Linkury Smartbar do?

The Linkury Smartbar makes it simple for you to interact with content on the Internet. You can use it to easily share content (pictures, images, text) on one social network – or on multiple social. You can also use it to run searches using your favorite search engine – or several search engines simultaneously, and then see search results side by side.

How do I use the Linkury Smartbar to conduct a search using more than one search engine?

As with any Internet search mechanism, the first step is inputting the text or key words that you are looking for. With the Smartbar, you can either type the exact text into the text box or highlight text on an internet page. Then, look for and click on the plus sign in the search menu. This will open a drop down menu where you can pick the search engines you want to use. Once they’ve been selected, click on “show multiple results” and in a few seconds you’ll see the results, side by side, on your screen.

What do I do if I want to post a picture from a Web site onto Facebook?

You can share a picture – or even a video – from anywhere on the Web easily using the Smartbar. All you have to do is point at and hover on an image. The share quick bar opens. Then, just click on the Facebook icon, or any other social network icon, for that matter.

How can I customize the Linkury Smartbar?

One way to customize the Smartbar is to pick where you want it to appear on your computer screen. Look for the button near the address bar, and then click on it to move the Smartbar to the side of the screen or the top bottom section.

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