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Linkury Smartbar Leads the Way

As mobile phones have evolved to smartphones, the new generation of toolbars has become smart bars, with Linkury’s Smartbar topping the list in a recently published overview of this new generation. The Linkury Smartbar can be customized and tailored to the needs of the publishers both for look-and-feel and content, which can be managed for specific user groups, languages, etc. In addition to being branded with the company logo, search buttons, buttons to social media networks and widgets for a variety of applications such as weather, games, radio and more can be added. The Linkury Smartbar Analytics feature provides a platform for generating a range of reports such as user trends and revenue reports.

The Linkury Smartbar also offers a unique feature that presents search results side by side, allowing the user to see several search results on a single screen. Another handy feature of the Smartbar for the user is that it can be positions at the top, bottom or side of the screen, according to personal preference.

Linkury CEO interviewed for Microsoft BizSpark

Naty Namdar, CEO of Linkury, was recently interviewed for BizSpark on the Linkury Smartbar, an Azure based, next generation web toolbar. Naty summarized the Smartbar’s abilities as the ability to make content discovery efficient on the user side and profitable on the provider side. The Smartbar allows users to search and share content efficiently, and provides a backend system of statistics and management for providers. He stressed the ease of deployment of the application.

The Linkury Smartbar is based solution on Windows Azure, a flexible, open cloud platform that allows applications to be quickly built, deployed and managed globally across Microsoft-managed datacenters. Among the Azure features that attracted Linkury to Azure for its Smartbar were its scalability and its integration with VS2010. Other components that were implemented via the Azure platform include, for example, the use of blob containers, an Azure SQL database that is used for metadata storage and application settings. In offering advice to other companies considering cloud builds, Naty emphasized the importance of refactoring the system to allow it to utilize the special benefits from certain Azure features.

Linkury showcases its Smartbar at Adtech in San Francisco

Linkury participated in the recent Adtech conference, which was held in San Francisco at the beginning of April 2012. The Linkury Smartbar is a simple content engagement tool that increases the ways in which online publishers interact with end users, and leveraging this to increase revenues. The Linkury Smartbar makes discovering, using and sharing new content easier. The Smartbar is fully customizable making the sharing of content across social networks as easy as clicking a button on the Smartbar in order to share on Facebook or tweet on Twitter. The Smartbar has many options for customization, including the addition of various widgets and apps, and also offers different language options.

The Linkury Smartbar was showcased at Adtech by company CTO, Naty Namdar. During the conference company representatives met with other companies at their booth, while also attending many conference sessions, such as one on Advertising in the Social Sphere and workshops on topics such as affiliate marketing and mobile app marketing.

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