About Linkury

The Internet provides global users with a framework for accessing an endless amount of information twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. Since 2009, Linkury has been providing tools that allow Internet users, content providers to individuals to search engines and others, to use all that information, simply and easily. With Linkury, users can focus searches and compare results more easily, and they can share information with a single click. Publishers can increase revenues through increased traffic flow, content discovery and new advertising opportunities. In short, the Linkury Smartbar presents a win-win solution for content providers and users alike.

When Linkury created the Linkury Smartbar, they had both users and the publishers in mind. Users benefit from Linkury Smartbar features that make it easier to find information and to communicate. Publishers use Linkury Smartbar to increase traffic and revenues, and improve the overall user experience, among other things.

Users are talking about Linkury Smartbar

The buzz about Linkury’s Smartbar is growing in the online social networking community. Never before have users been able to communicate so effortlessly. With Smartbar, users can interact with Websites by simply hovering over content, a picture or a video and clicking to share, upload or comment. If they want, they can send links, status updates, news and other information simultaneously to all their social network or networks of choice (e.g., Twitter, Facebook, My Space, etc.) without having to open any additional windows.

Linkury Smartbar also changes the way users use and view the web. First of all, they can not only set their language and geographic preferences, but they can also decide where the Smartbar will appear – on the top, bottom or side of the screen. Secondly, users can use Linkury Smartbar to view Web searches run on different search engines in a single tab.

Publishers Raise Profits with Linkury Smartbar Content Discovery

Publishers are quickly learning the Linkury Smartbar is not ‘just another toolbar.’ In fact, the Smartbar outclasses standard toolbars across the board. To begin with, Smartbar, which can be customized to increase stickiness, is not limited to any particular platform, which means that it publishers gain control on multiple platforms. It’s perfect for branding as publishers define the look and feel across multiple platforms (Web sites windows applications, mobile, and more) and it integrates seamlessly with all popular Web browsers (Google Chrome, FireFox, Internet Explorer 9, etc.).

The highly scalable system is based on Microsoft Azure Cloud to provide high load capacity and high availability. Linkury Smartbar is unobtrusive - updates are silent and automatic, and there is also a silent installation mode. What’s more, publishers can also define content for any specific target group based on language, operating system, social network interface, and much more.

To round out the package, Linkury’s platform generates a variety of reports providing publishers with valuable insights regarding revenue statistics, usage trends and engagement, life cycle and churn rate, and other reports to identify user trends or sum up the activity of a particular period.

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